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I'm a new women

Before I did my spinal decompression program, I had severe pain in my lower back, numbness in both legs and feet, and terrible muscle cramps. I couldn't walk without holding onto something and then only for a short distance. I had to crawl out of bed every morning, I couldn't sit, or lie down with out pain.

I had been seeing my chiropractor for many years and he had always been able to help me, but this time it wasn't helping so he sent me to see Dr. Stokes. When Dr. Stokes saw how much pain I was in he immediately took me back into his office, looked at my MRI, did some testes, and explained the treatment program to me. I felt really good about him I could tell he really cared and I knew I had to try this program. I'm glad I did.

After my decompression treatments, I am almost a 100% and still getting better. I can walk, sit stand, go shopping, and do all my normal work. Dr. Stokes says he expects me to improve even more over the next couple of months. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back.

Sophie Hill, Long Beach CA


Life is good again!

For over 20 years I suffered with constant lower back pain that got progressively worse each year. I tried therapy, electric muscle stimulation, massage, epidural shots, even acupuncture but nothing worked. It seemed I was destined to live my life on Vicodin every 4 hours.

Finally with no options left, I had back surgery. The pain relief lasted 6 months and then it all came back to the point that I could only sit for 15 minutes at a time. I was positive that I would live the rest of my life on medication and trying to avoid anything that aggravated my condition.

A few months ago a friend of mine told me about spinal decompression and I went to see Dr. Stokes. He was very optimistic about my chances for success. Within 10 treatments I was out of pain, off all my pain meds and feeling 20 years younger. I have now completed my treatment program and I’m feeling better than ever. I can do anything and everything I want, within reason. I urge you, if you are suffering with lower back pain, you must do this treatment you won’t regret it for a minute.

Linda Reece, Long Beach CA


"I Can Hardly Believe It"

My MRI showed an 8mm disc extrusion (a severe herniation) my medical doctor wanted to do surgery immediately, but I wasn't ready for that. I'm sure glad I didn't let him cut me. Dr. Stokes did some testing of my muscles, nerves and joints, (I had to lay down and rest between tests.) and looked at my MRI. He told me I qualified for the decompression program but that my chances weren't as good as the average because of the severity I my condition. At this point, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I decided to do the program.

For almost seven months my live was on hold. I had excruciating pain in my lower back and left leg. I tried bed rest, medications, physical therapy, and acupuncture without success. I couldn't work, I couldn't play, I couldn't sit, or stand for more than a few minutes and I was afraid I'd be like this for the rest of my life. When I finally found Dr. Stokes and spinal decompression therapy, I pain was so bad that I couldn't even sit through my consultation. I had to lie down on the examination table while we talked.

My first day on the machine, I couldn't even stand up long enough to get the harness on. I had to sit down and rest before I could get on the machine. I have to admit I was scared and a bit skeptical, but within the first week and a half, I could walk without pain, sit stand, and do some work at my desk. It was the first relief I'd had in months. After my five week decompression program, I was about 75% improved and over the next few weeks I continued to get better. It's been over a year now and I'm pain free, and feeling great. I working, playing, traveling, and doing all the things I like to do again. I swim, do some daily exercises and see Dr. Stokes occasionally for a spinal check up to be sure everything is working right. Dr. Stokes explained that discs heal slowly and will continued to get stronger over the next couple of years so, I'm being a little careful and keeping my spine in good shape to improve my chances of complete recovery without any relapses.

If you're having back or leg pain that isn't responding to all the normal therapies, or maybe even facing surgery as I was, I strongly suggest that you check out non-surgical spinal decompression. I sure glad I did.

Kasra Esteghamat, Long Beach


I was skeptical but now I am a believer:

I have to admit that I was very skeptical about this treatment. I was told I had a herniated disc with spinal stenosis and after 4½ years opidural shots and living on muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory drugs, I wanted to try something else. By the end of the first four treatments, I could already feel a difference. One of the things I liked the most was, I am always treated special, not just a name on a treatment chart. Dr. Stokes and Tracy truly care about their patients.

The treatments were painless, comfortable, and only took a ½ hour, which I really appreciated because of my busy schedule. Dr. Stokes also gave me some exercises to help strengthen my back, and prevent relapses. My back pain is least 80% better and Dr. Stokes expects me to continue to improve over the next several months. I'm hoping for at least 90% by the end of the year.

I haven't had to take any medication since beginning treatment, I'm working without pain, and doing all of my normal family activities again. I love to water ski and hope to be able to ski this summer on our family vacation.

If you're considering spinal decompression, I would recommend it. The sooner you start, the sooner you can have your life back.

Kathy Johnson, Downey CA

testimonial I'm working without pain!

My name is Terry Smoot, I am a maintenance worker for the school district and also drive patients to and from doctors offices. Before I met Dr. Stokes, I was having severe pain in my lower back, left hip, left buttocks and down my leg. I couldn't sit for very long which made my driving job extremely difficult.

My medical doctor gave me a series of three epidural shots but they didn't help a bit. I also had some therapy and chiropractic care but the pain was still there and getting worse. My Chiropractor recommended that I talk to Dr. Stokes and find out if I was a candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression program.

As soon as I started the treatments, I was able to stop taking all my pain pills because the symptoms were already getting better. The treatments were very gentle and painless and by the half way point, most of my pain was gone and I was able to work without any limitations.

Terry Smoot, Bellflower CA


I am so happy, I can't believe it!

I've had back pain off and on for years. Following a traffic accident my pain got even worse and I couldn't function. I always had to worry about doing anything physical because, the pain would get worse. I tried all kinds of treatments, drugs, physical therapy, exercise, massage, and chiropractic, with minimal results. Nothing seemed to help for long and the pain always came back.

I head about Dr. Stokes on the radio and I just had to see if he could help me. Boy am I glad I did. The pain in my back and legs is gone. I can walk and do my housework, I'm starting to enjoy life again and it's such a relief to not have to worry about the pain. I can't believe how much energy I have, I want to go do things again instead of sitting home suffering.

I told my medical doctor, who I've been seeing for years, how well I was doing and he didn't refused to believe me. Even though I showed him how well I can move and told him how good I feel, he said it was impossible, nothing could help my back.

Well, I don't care what he thinks, I'm better and that's what counts.

Phyllis Saunders, San Pedro CA

I suffered back and leg pain for 23 years…

For over 23 years I fought back pain and workers comp. I went through several sessions of physical therapy, chiropractic, acupressure, and drugs, with only short term relief. I was off work for two and a half years and finally went back in spite of my pain. I had 17 shots in my spine, (epidural injections) and none of them worked. The doctors told me surgery was my only hope and that I had a 30/70 chance of getting better afterward.

To make a long story short, I found Dr. Stokes, and went through a DRX9000 program. I got more relief in the first week than I did from all the other treatments combined and now I’m virtually pain free. I get occasional aches in my leg but Dr. Stokes takes care of that with simple chiropractic adjustments.

Scott Brown, Long Beach CA

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